1998 News Story

Centennial committee meets

Governor of Riyadh Province Prince Salman Ibn Abdulaziz presided on Saturday over a meeting of the higher preparatory committee for the centennial of the event that led to the founding of the modern Kingdom, and indicated that the theme of the celebrations underlines the importance of adherence to Islam as a basis for the achievement of the country's prosperity and welfare. Prince Salman noted that about 100 books are to be published about King Abdul Aziz and the Kingdom's history. In addition, there will be around 180 studies and researches on the history of the Kingdom and biography of its founder, presented at the international conference to be held in Riyadh January 24-30. The various government agencies will release about 25 books on the achievements accomplished in the various administrative and developmental domains. Prince Salman remarked that these publications will form a database to enrich the country's intellectual heritage, pointing out that this occasion and its associated cultural programs will provide a real chance for the Saudis to remember the circumstances of their grandfathers that was characterized by insecurity before the unification of the Kingdom and the foundation of its development in all domains, and observing that the Kingdom, with its developmental experience, has set an example for achieving the balance, lost in the modern world, between unique national and cultural values derived from the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Prophet on the one hand, and the required modernization based on the technological products of the present time on the other. Prince Salman went on to voice pride in the outcome of Saudi Arabia's development plans, which have focused on human resources.