1997 News Story

Symposium on setting up an Arab Open University

In a keynote address to the symposium which opened in Riyadh today to discuss the possibility of establishing an Arab open university, Prince Talal Ibn Abdul Aziz, Chairman of the United Nations Arabian Gulf Program, called such a step a logical development within the common Arab interest to support the base and peak of Arab society, saying that the idea is not a separate initiative nor is it of a temporary nature affected by specific circumstances, but comes within the framework of future aspirations for the twenty-first century, and considering the expansion of higher education as a momentum to help the Arab world qualify and compete on a level basis with other countries.   His organization, he said, was prepared to support the idea and make it a reality.

Participants in the seminar represented Arab and foreign universities as well as a number of concerned Arab and international organizations and institutions including the Arab League Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ALESCO)