1997 News Story

GCC defense ministers issue communiqué

Deputy Minister of Defense and Aviation Prince Abdulrahman Ibn Abdul Aziz returned to Riyadh today after leading the Saudi delegation to the 16th conference of the Defense Ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states, held in Doha, Qatar under the chairmanship of Qatari Minister of State Sheikh Ahmed Ibn Saif Al-Thani.  Announcing that the next meeting will be hosted by Kuwait, the ministers issued a communique that expressed solidarity with the United Arab Emirates in its legitimate claim on the three islands which Iran still occupies;  asserted the importance of realizing stability in the Gulf region based on common interests and ties, and non-interference in each other's domestic affairs;  and, denouncing the continued detention by Iraq of Kuwaiti and Saudi prisoners, urged Iraq to comply with all UN Security Council Resolutions pertaining to its aggression against Kuwait.  The communique also noted that certain countries provide refuge to terrorist and radical agents under the pretext of protection of human rights, and urged such countries to reconsider their stance.