1997 News Story

Council of Ministers Meeting: Ramadan

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz, presiding over the regular meeting of the Council of Ministers held in Makkah yesterday, focused on issues of concern to the Islamic communities and their aspirations for a better future. Emphasizing Islamic solidarity he referred to the Saudi support to sisterly Arab and Islamic states in their just causes. He underscored as well the call for Allah and that integration among these states should be realized.

King Fahd called on Muslims to foster their relations in a spirit of brotherhood and urged them to unify their ranks in order to repulse spiteful plots. Expressing his confidence in the Muslim rulers he prompted them to shun discord and settle disputes through abiding by the Qur'an so that the Islamic Community may emerge, as destined, as the best on earth.
Minister of Information Dr. Fouad Al-Farsi reported that the King stressed that the Kingdom would continue to serve the Two Holy Mosques and safeguard security, stability, and prosperity through adhering to the Islamic faith. In this connection, the King took pride that over the last ten years the Kingdom spent SR 70 billion (U.S. $18.9 billion) for the development of the two holy cities and the biggest expansion in the history of the two holy mosques so that the capacity of the Grand Mosque alone jumped to one million worshippers a figure that can be doubled during the peak times thanks to the current enhanced capacity.
Dr. Al-Farsi also reported that the council was briefed on the development assistance the Kingdom has provided throughout the 17 years of King Fahd's rule, to the developing countries of the Organization of the Islamic Conference. The assistance, which took the form of non-refundable grants and soft loans, amounted to SR 2,873 million (U.S. $ 777 million).
King Fahd then briefed the council on the conditions of the Islamic minorities urging them to adhere to their faith, promote affection among themselves, renounce all sources of discord, unify their ranks, and preserve their Islamic identity.
Finally, the council approved the Accord on Economic Commercial Investment and Technical Cooperation between the Kingdom and Yemen. Dr. Al-Farsi concluded by announcing the next regular meeting for Monday, February 24.