1997 News Story

Shura Council meeting

The Consultative Council (Majlis Al-Shura) today held its first meeting of 1418 H under the chairmanship of Sheikh Muhammed Bin Jubair, and approved a resolution concerning the situation of the Ports Authority, that is in the best interests of the country and its citizens. This resolution will shortly be submitted to the Prime Minister. The council also approved the agreement of the International Union for Communication which was adopted in 1992, following study of a report presented by the ad hoc committee for services and public utilities further to a recommendation by the PTT Ministry.  The council then reviewed a report presented by a special committee assigned to study the difficulties being faced by those who are liquidating companies while trying to settle debts, with the council adopting a resolution made by the committee for giving priority to debts within the framework of Shariah regulations. The Council decided to postpone a decision on a report presented by the ad hoc committee for education, information and culture concerning the annual report of King Faisal University, until further discussion is carried out.