1997 News Story

GCC should cement ties with USA, spokesman says

A spokesman for the U.S. State Department has said that the U.S. administration is anxious to cement its economic and commercial ties with the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), adding that this will help them develop their productive capabilities and acquire modern technology, as well as achieve training for their national cadres and realize further economic development.

Minister of Industry and Electricity Dr. Hashim Yamani, addressing the conference of the GCC industrialists currently underway in Abu Dhabi yesterday, underscored the necessity for assessment of what has been achieved in the industrial infrastructure of the GCC states, by concentrating on domestic raw materials and providing adequate jobs for GCC nationals.  He also pointed out the need for finding the necessary spare parts for domestic industry, and to reinforce the GCC’s export capabilities.  Dr. Yamani confirmed that Saudi Arabia has completed much of its industrial infrastructure, including working out a long-range plan to pinpoint the power requirements of the Kingdom’s industrial sector.

Meanwhile, an article in the May 13 edition of Asharq Al-Awsat pointed out that as far as the United Kingdom is concerned, 75 percent of British exports to Arab countries goes to the GCC states.  The UK also stands high in the list of countries to which GCC exports goods.