1997 News Story

Saudi Arabia and Jordan confirm cooperation

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal yesterday concluded talks in Amman with Jordanian Prime Minister Abdulsalaam Al-Majalai. The two sides underscored the necessity of going ahead with efforts to remove obstacles handicapping the realization of a just and comprehensive peace in the region and to guarantee legitimate Palestinian and Arab rights.

On the bilateral level, it was announced that a joint Saudi/Jordanian committee will be formed to study agricultural cooperation and the exchange of agricultural products in accordance with international specifications and standards, as well as increased use of Jordanian manpower in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia also agreed to facilitate the transit of Jordanian trucks through the Kingdom to the GCC states, with the area of Haqi/Aqaba designated as the official border crossing between the two countries. In addition, the two sides agreed to reinforce joint security measures, particularly concerning the combat of smuggling, drugs, and crime, and the tightening of control at the border areas with the aim of serving the best security interests of both countries.