1997 News Story

Arab anti-drug conference issues statement

The eleventh Arab Anti-Drug Conference ended its three-day meeting in Jeddah today and issued a statement calling on all Arab states which have not signed the Pan-Arab Agreement for Combating Illegal Trafficking of Drugs and Intoxicants issued in 1994 by the Council of Arab Interior Ministers, to do so as soon as possible, and join the eleven Arab states that have approved it.  The statement also urged member states to be aware of Internet services that could be abused by drug smugglers, reported that there is to be a study on the connection between drug trafficking and other crimes, and called for tightening security at border checkpoints to detect and foil attempts at smuggling.  Highlighting the efforts made by the seventeen Arab states to implement recommendations made by the previous conference, the statement called for a unified Arab position on the topics to be raised during the extraordinary session concerning the menace of drugs scheduled for the next United Nations General Assembly, and underlined the important role to be undertaken by the mass media, through public awareness campaigns on the dangers of drugs.  It also drew attention to the importance of social welfare and health centers in rehabilitating addicts and helping them to reintegrate into society.