1997 News Story

Saudi Arabia continues to help Bosnians

The Higher Commission for the Collection of Donations for the Muslims of Bosnia-Herzegovina has opened three projects in Mostar in the areas of Islam, education and culture.  These are an Islamic school costing SR 1.7 million (U.S. $ 0.45 million);  a Saudi cultural center at a cost of SR 2.2 million (U.S. $ 0.59 million);  and the renovation of a mosque, costing SR 308,000 (U.S. $ 82,133).   The Commission has already rebuilt 72 mosques throughout the country, involving a capital expenditure of SR 14.1 million (U.S. $ 3.75 million), in addition to providing furnishings for 78 others at a cost of SR 1.1 million (U.S. $ 0.29 million) and supplying a total of 300 microphones costing SR 1.8 million (U.S. $ 0.48 million).