1996 News Story

New academic year begins

The Ministry of Education reports that about 4.5 million students at various educational levels will start the new academic year tomorrow, September 14.   The Ministry supervises 5,838 primary schools with 1,178,700 students, 2,797 intermediate schools with 493,000 students, and 1,252 secondary schools with 25,000 students.  Special education schools number 49, with 5,500 students.   In addition, the General Presidency for Girls’ Education supervises 11,441 educational institutions with 2,015,700 female students, plus 31 specialized technical and vocational institutes catering to more than 2,500 students.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Higher Education reports that the seven Saudi universities have accepted 39,000 new students, both male and female, the largest number ever.   There are now more than 306,500 students attending the 117 faculties of these universities and the other higher education colleges, with 297,830 undergraduates, 7,288 studying for a master’s degree, and 1,466 at the doctoral level.