1996 News Story

Saudi Arabia announces regulations for upcoming Hajj

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia today announced a number of regulations concerning the upcoming Hajj season for 1417 H. (1997). To enable the official Hajj missions of the various Islamic countries to manage their duties in cooperation with the Saudi Ministry of Pilgrimage and other concerned bodies, with the common aim of providing the most comfortable services for all pilgrims, Minister of Pilgrimage Dr. Mahmoud Safar has issued the following regulations:

  1. The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Saudi Ministry of Pilgrimage should be notified well in advance of the names of the members of official Hajj delegations.
  2. Each Hajj mission should have a specific headquarters in Makkah, in Madinah, in Jeddah, in Mina, and in Arafat, and full addresses of these should be made known to the Ministry of Pilgrimage, to the organization of escorts (tawafa), and to the organization of guides, including the district, the street, the telephone number, and the names of both the official in charge and his deputy.
  3. All Hajj missions must comply with the number of pilgrims agreed upon in the minutes of the meetings held with the Minister of Pilgrimage within the framework of the resolutions adopted by the 17th conference of foreign ministers of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) concerning arrangements for the number of pilgrims from each Islamic country.
  4. All pilgrims are urged to take advantage of the facility of travelers checks in Saudi riyals sponsored by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA).
  5. Missions are asked to comply with the instructions concerning the organizing of Hajj affairs, especially during the distribution of accommodation for the pilgrims, to ensure that the men are housed separately from those women who are not accompanied by a muharram (chaperon).
  6. It is preferable that organizers of the Hajj mission stay behind until the departure of the last group of their pilgrims, and that they provide the Ministry with the names of all their representatives.
  7. The Hajj missions must lodge complaint with the concerned bodies at the Ministry as soon as any offense takes place, in order for it to be investigated and a solution reached.
  8. There should be coordination with the Unified Agents Office, and with the escort and guide organizations, concerning departure arrangements in accordance with a definite timetable.
  9. The concerned bodies that can be contacted by the official missions are as follows:
    9.1 in Jeddah, the Minister's office, the General Directorate for Pilgrims, and the Unified Agents Office; 9.2 in Makkah, the agency of the Ministry of Pilgrimage, the Hajj directorate, and the organizations concerned with pilgrim affairs;
    9.3 in Madinah, the Hajj directorate, and the organizations concerned with pilgrim affairs.
  10. Finally: