1996 News Story

SAA reports midair collision with Kazakh aircraft

An official Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAA) spokesman announced that on Tuesday November 12, 1996, after the departure of Saudi Boeing 747 Flight Number 763 from New Delhi, India to Jeddah via Dhahran, at 18:14 Indian local time, the air traffic controller reported that the aircraft disappeared from their radar screen 40 miles west of New Delhi. At the same time another aircraft, Air Kazakhstan T.U. 154, also disappeared from the New Delhi radar screen. It was revealed that today two aircraft collided in mid-air. There were 312 passengers and crew on the Saudi plane.

Saudi Arabian Airlines and the Saudi Civil Aviation Authority dispatched a team of experts to the accident location. Saudi Arabian Airlines will publish a list of passenger names as soon as possible. Also, the Saudi government is in contact with the Indian authorities who are providing full cooperation to the Saudi officials.