1996 News Story

SAA Director to hold press conference on Flight 763

Director-General of Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAA) Dr. Khaled Bin Abdullah Bin Bakr will hold a press conference today at the company's administrative headquarters in Jeddah to shed light on the circumstances leading to Tuesday's tragic crash of the Saudi Boeing 747 jet, Flight 763 from New Delhi to Jeddah via Dhahran, after a mid-air collision with the IL-76 plane of Air Kazakhstan. In a statement yesterday, Dr. Bakr expressed his sorrow at the deaths of the passengers and crew, and said: "It is the will of God, and we can do nothing except pray for them." Dr. Bakr added that SAA has been in touch with the families of the victims, and that a task force has been set up with hot-lines in Riyadh, Dhahran, New Delhi, London and New York.

Meanwhile, the Indian commission for civil aviation safety has reported that both black box flight recorders have been found, and are currently being studied in New Delhi.