1996 News Story

Saudi Arabia launches fund-raising week for Bosnia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia today launched a week-long fund-raising campaign to help rebuild the war-ravaged Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina.   This is the third such ‘Bosnia Week’, and is in line with the directives of HRH Prince Salman Bin Abdul Aziz, Governor of Riyadh Province and head of the Supreme Commission for Collection of Donations for Bosnian Muslims.

Two-thirds of all that is collected by the Commission is remitted directly to the Bosnian government either in a dedicated bank account, or through the Bosnian Embassy in Riyadh, or to President Izetbegovic by a delegation visiting Bosnia.   One-third of the donations are used to purchase relief aid or extend monetary assistance to individuals in need, as well as to secure health care, restore gas supplies, and repatriate displaced persons.  Seventeen shiploads of food, clothes, vehicles and other supplies have been sent to the Commission’s office in Bosnia, which distributes aid to Muslims in Bosnian towns through eight affiliated centers.

In addition, the Commission distributes religious books and organizes seminars and training courses, including Qur’an memorization.  The media is asked to highlight the need in Bosnia for rebuilding mosques as well as factories and agricultural centers.

In appealing to all Muslims to contribute to the fund-raising, the Commission praises the generosity of the Saudi people and of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz.