1996 News Story

SAA refutes baseless allegations in Indian media

Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAA) today issued a refutation of the repeated baseless allegations that have appeared in the Indian media, laying blame on the Saudi crew for the air crash involving an SAA Boeing and a Kazakh plane on November 12.  The SAA official who is chief of the team assisting in the current investigation stated that these allegations are not only in contravention of the provisions of international law, but are jeopardizing the investigation process.   The team has officially demanded that the Indian Civil Aviation Director issue a statement on the misleading reports that are being published.

Meanwhile, Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz, Second Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Aviation and Inspector-General, last week paid a visit of condolence to the father of Captain Khalid Bin Ahmed Bin Muhammad Al-Shibeili, the pilot of the SAA plane who died in the crash.