1996 News Story

Shura Council meetings

The Consultative Council (Majlis Al-Shura) held its regular weekly meeting today under the chairmanship of Sheikh Muhammad Bin Ibrahim Bin Jubair, and listened to a briefing by council member Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Fayez on the recent visit to the Kingdom by a delegation from the Indian parliament.  The council also reviewed a plan charted by the general secretariat concerning reformation of ad hoc committees, and approved a recommendation by the Minister of Education on the feasibility of opening schools specially for the children of expatriates, including diplomats, which would apply the education systems of their countries.

Yesterday, there were joint talks between the Shura Council and the visiting Egyptian Consultative Council, co-chaired by Dr. Mustafa Kamal Hilmi and Sheikh Bin Jubeir.  Speaking on the occasion, Sheikh Bin Jubeir underscored the important role being played by the Egyptian and Saudi consultative councils in enhancing bilateral relations, and said the visit of the Egyptian delegation comes within the framework of on-going consultations and sharing of expertise between the two countries.  During the meeting the two sides exchanged views on aspects of economic and commercial cooperation, and held identical positions on all topics.