1996 News Story

Council of Ministers meeting

The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz, chairing the regular weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers yesterday, expressed concern about developments in the situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina subsequent to the implementation of the military side of the Dayton Peace Agreement, saying:  “It is indeed a pity that the Croatians have failed to comply with the Dayton Peace Agreement by preventing Muslim refugees from returning to their homeland”.

Information Minister Dr. Fuad Al-Farsi reported that King Fahd went on to deplore the ongoing attempts at partition of Bosnia, describing them as a flagrant violation of the Agreement, and urged all concerned parties to do their best to make the Muslim-Croatian alliance successful.  King Fahd further hoped that the meeting of the Islamic Working Group on Bosnia, due to be held today in Sarajevo, would yield positive results and pave the way for the Bosnians to live in security, peace and stability.  Referring to reports on the discovery of mass graves, King Fahd called on the international community to condemn acts of genocide in Bosnia.

Briefing the cabinet on reports pertaining to regional, Arab, and international situations, King Fahd confirmed the unalienable stand of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as regards the realization of comprehensive and just peace everywhere.   For the states of the Arabian Gulf, the Kingdom is concerned to establish an oasis of security and stability, enabling citizens to make positive contributions to the development process.

Turning to domestic issues, King Fahd emphasized the importance of the inspection tours currently being made by the Ministers throughout all the provinces of the country, saying:  “We pray to God to enable us to serve our citizens.   We believe that the best investment is in the Saudi citizen, to make him a useful force for his religion, community, and country”.   Calling for the continuation of these tours, which, he said: “enable officials to get acquainted with the best means for development of the Kingdom’s provinces”, he highlighted the achievements accomplished by the Kingdom in the last decade in all spheres, urban, economic, cultural, social, educational, industrial and medical.