1996 News Story

Ministry of Pilgrimage releases Hajj statistics

The Ministry of Pilgrimage has released statistics on the numbers of pilgrims who converge on Makkah each year.   It is estimated that over the past 70 years a total of more than 25 million pilgrims have come from outside the Kingdom to perform the Hajj pilgrimage, in addition to Saudi citizens and expatriate workers from within the country.  In 1995, a total of 910,157 pilgrims arrived in Saudi Arabia from various parts of the world to perform the annual pilgrimage.   This figure compares with 90,662 in 1925.  The greatest number of pilgrims come from Indonesia (160,000 in 1995, 196,000 this year), Pakistan (95,000 in 1995), and Egypt (75,000 last year).