1996 News Story

Execution of perpetrators of Riyadh bombing

The Ministry of the Interior today issued a statement to the effect that Abdul Aziz Bin Fahd Bin Nasser Al-Mothem, Khalid Bin Ahmed Bin Ibrahim Al-Sa’eed, Riyadh Bin Suleiman Bin Is’haq Al-Hajeri, and Muslih Bin Ali Bin Ayedh Al-Shemrani, all four of them Saudi nationals, had been beheaded, having been found guilty of carrying out the explosion of a car bomb in the Olaya district of Riyadh last November.   The statement said their crime claimed the lives of seven people, wounded more than sixty others, destroyed houses and shops in the area, wrecked several cars and caused panic in the urban district.  

Their confessions were documented and submitted to three judges at the Grand Shariah Court in Jeddah, and then to three judges at the Grand Court in Riyadh, where a legal instrument was issued confirming their guilt.   This document stated that the perpetrators had admitted that they had planned the crime long before carrying it out, and that they had failed in other plots involving kidnapping and assassination.   The judges deemed the crime to be one most heinous and horrifying in nature because it entailed the killing of innocent people, the destruction of property, and the spread of fear and panic among citizens and residents.  They stressed that Islamic Shariah (Law) had been revealed in order to safeguard the five bases of society:  religion, human life, honor, reason and property, all of which were undermined and threatened by the crime perpetrated by these four saboteurs.   The judges concluded that the culprits should be executed as a punishment for their heinous and most repugnant crime.

The verdict was approved by five judges at the Court of Appeals, and by the Supreme Judicial Council.   Royal Decree S/628 was issued to carry out the sentence, and included the words: “With this announcement the Ministry of the Interior affirms the concern of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to guarantee the security, safety and stability of this country, and emphasizes that it will spare no effort in pursuing those who let themselves be seduced into bringing harm to the security of the country or the people.”