1995 News Story

Prince Nayef speaks at GCC meeting in Manama

Interior Minister Prince Naif Bin Abdul Aziz spoke extemporaneously here Tuesday during the third extraordinary meeting of GCC interior ministers, in which, on behalf of all the GCC interior ministers, he expressed pleasure in the meeting in Bahrain. He said the ministers were also happy to have met Bahraini Emir Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa, who gave them valuable directives towards serving the security and stability of this important part of the world. Prince Naif also extended thanks to his Bahraini counterpart Sheikh Mohammad Bin Khalifa for his kind invitation to convene this extraordinary meeting at a critical time for Bahrain and other states in the region as well. He said permanent directives from GCC leaders to the interior ministers are, to make security their first priority and pointed out that the security of all GCC states is connected and any attempt to undermine the security of one state is an attempt to undermine the security of all six member states.

He said his Bahraini counterpart explained many things in his address to the meeting and stressed the necessity of confronting reality with all its negative and positive aspects. He called on countries outside the Gulf Cooperation Council to open "cordial and objective cooperation channels" to realize stability and understanding in this crucial region. He said it is unfortunate that these countries turn a few GCC citizens into tools to undermine security and stability, which is a regrettable thing that must be confronted.

"We would not accept that our citizens have loyalty for any party other than God the Almighty, their creed, and their homelands. Undoubtedly those who carry out such acts are misled ..... We know the backgrounds and we say to those abroad to stop at this limit and open the channels of right, which have the response of all the leaders, governments and peoples of the Gulf Cooperation Council", he said. "I say to them quite frankly that they serve neither their interests nor our own ..... and these methods have been tried at previous times and the losers were the people," he added.