1995 News Story

Council of Ministers meeting

The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud presided over the regular weekly session of the Council of Ministers held in Jeddah this afternoon. Minister of Higher Education and Acting Minister of Information Dr. Khalid Al-Angary reported that the Council reviewed the situation at the Arab, Islamic and international levels before elaborating on the tragic events in certain Muslim countries.

King Fahd focused on the serious deterioration of the situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Bosnian Serbs' aggression against Muslims. He said that the Saudi government was following with grave concern the continued Serb hostilities against UN-designated safe areas, and the crimes of genocide, rape, and inhuman practices perpetrated by the Serbs in flagrant violation of international legitimacy, all criteria of civilized behavior and every international law and norm.
Acknowledging the outcome of the international conference on Bosnia which was held in London on July 21, the Saudi government hopes that the participants will remain committed to the pledges included in their communique, as well as to previous international pledges to protect safe areas. The Council of Ministers also expressed hope that the major powers will stay committed to the international peace plan and use all available means to restore the position of Srebrenica to its status prior to Resolution 1004.
King Fahd said that in line with the Saudi government's firm stand in support of the just cause of the brotherly Bosnian people, and in order to maintain the independence and sovereignty of their Republic, guaranteeing the unity and safety of its territories, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia declares its full support for the recommendations made by the Organization of Islamic Conference's Contact Group on Bosnia which met in Geneva on July 22, and reiterates its commitment to continued official and popular support for Bosnia. King Fahd added that Saudi Arabia has recently given in financial assistance to Bosnia, SR 50 million (U.S. $ 13 million). This is in addition to donations collected by the Supreme Commission for Collection of Donations for Bosnian Muslims, which amount to SR 800 million (over U.S. $ 200 million).
The Kingdom urges sisterly Muslim countries to carry out the recommendations of the OIC's Contact Group on Bosnia, and provide all types of financial and moral support for the Bosnian government and people, especially concerning the practice of their right of self-defense which is guaranteed by Article 51 of the UN Charter. At the same time, the Kingdom calls on the international community to provide all necessary means to carry out the relevant resolution of international legitimacy and consider the crimes of the Serbs as crimes against humanity, putting the criminals responsible on trial.