1995 News Story

King Fahd urges UN Security Council to halt Serbian aggression against Muslims

The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud has sent messages to the leaders of the member states of the United Nations Security Council in reference to the grave developments in Bosnia-Herzegovina due to the continuation of Serbia's aggressive military operations against United Nations-designated safe areas and acts of genocide, rape, and other inhuman practices perpetrated by Serbian forces against the civilian population.

King Fahd urged the leaders to face the responsibilities of safeguarding international peace and security and to take all the necessary measures to compel the Serbian forces to immediately cease the carrying out of their aggressive schemes. He also urged them to provide adequate measures for the implementation of the legitimate international resolutions relevant to the Serbian aggression on the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina, especially those resolutions concerning safe havens and implementation of the international peace plan. King Fahd also urged the leaders to regard crimes committed by Serbian forces as crimes against humanity and to pursue those responsible and put them on trial before an international war tribunal.
King Fahd further asked the leaders to enable the Bosnian government to exercise its legitimate rights to defend itself as guaranteed by Article 51 of the United Nations Charter by lifting the arms embargo imposed on it.
These messages are part of the intensive efforts made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide material and moral support to the Muslims of Bosnia and as an immediate reaction to the call for implementation of what was decided on at the Organization of Islamic Conference's Contact Group on Bosnia meeting in Geneva on July 22, 1995.