1995 News Story

Council of Ministes meeting

The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud today presided over the regular weekly session of the Council of Ministers. Minister of Information Dr. Fouad Bin Abdul Salaam Al-Farsi reported that at the outset of the meeting, King Fahd spotlighted current international developments and the position of the Kingdom on a number of important issues in its continuing effort for regional, Arab and international peace and security.

As for domestic issues, King Fahd emphasized the importance of the electricity sector and the great efforts being made by the government to provide all parts of the Kingdom with electric power, an essential element for reinforcing other economic sectors and improving the standard of living, since electricity is a basic resource for, and recognized sign of, social and economic development. King Fahd urged all officials of the electricity sector to go ahead with their efforts to enhance generating capabilities in order to cope with steady population increases and economic requirements. He also commanded them to chart alternative solutions for dealing with emergency cases, and urged citizens and residents of the Kingdom, especially businessmen, to rationalize their use of electricity in order to prevent sudden blackouts caused by unnecessary over-consumption. King Fahd praised the efforts made by the government to guarantee excellent service and expand the networks to cover all urban and rural centers, and remarked on the number of training centers set up to upgrade the ability of the national cadres working in the sector.

Referring to political developments, King Fahd underscored the need to advance the cause of the Middle East peace process on all tracks in a way that guarantees the legitimate rights of the Arab states and peoples. He also expressed the hope that the recent cease-fire agreement in Bosnia approved by all concerned parties would be fully implemented and that the aspirations of the Muslim people of Bosnia could be met, reiterating Saudi solidarity with the Bosnian brothers.

Dr. Farsi reported that the cabinet passed relevant resolutions on a number of other domestic issues. In addition, the Minister of Interior or his delegate was authorized to sign a draft agreement between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Yemen for cooperation in combatting illegal trafficking and smuggling of drugs and other intoxicants, the final formula of the agreement to be duly submitted for completion.
The cabinet then approved the final accounting of the King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology for the fiscal years 1410/1411 and 1411/1412. The cabinet also approved the appointment of Khaled Bin Turki Al-Otaishan to the 15th grade as undersecretary of the Governorate of Jizan and other appointments at the 14th grade at the Ministries of Interior and Higher Education.