1995 News Story

The Prince Sultan City for Humanitarian Services

Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz, Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense and Aviation, yesterday visited the Saudi Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington DC where he viewed a special showing of a model design for the ‘Prince Sultan City for Humanitarian Services’, a project being implemented by the Prince Sultan Charitable Society.   He was welcomed on arrival by Prince Bandar Bin Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz, Saudi Ambassador to the United States, and by Prince Faisal Bin Sultan, Secretary General of the Society.

In a press statement before leaving the embassy, Prince Sultan said that although the city will have its headquarters in Riyadh, there are proposals to open up branches in different areas of the Kingdom.  The capital of the Prince Sultan Charitable Society, he stated, was around SR 500 million (over U.S. $ 130 million).

Prince Sultan noted that the project for a science center would be a part of the Prince Sultan City for Humanitarian Services, which will be completed within two to three years.   He promised that the society would promote coordination with any organization which is engaged in charity, science and health activities, welcoming moral and material support, saying: “The society’s work will not be confined to certain persons;  on the contrary, I would like to see in it the participation of every Saudi.”