The Kingdom’s statement on recent violence in Gaza

March 2, 2008

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia observes with the utmost preoccupation the tragic situation in Gaza, where innocent children, women and elderly people are killed, and where houses are destroyed and where the Palestinians are terrorized with the Israeli military machine, amidst an inhumane siege and the intent to make the Palestinians starve.

The Kingdom vigorously condemns these despicable crimes, perpetrated in contravention with the international law and conventions, and in defiance of the international legality. These crimes belie the Israeli allegations regarding the search for peace.

While condemning the Israeli war crimes against the Palestinian people, and the threats vowed by the Israeli officials to inflict a holocaust on Gaza Strip. This is why the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia appeals to the international community and the countries sponsoring peace and the International Quartet Committee to deploy their efforts to put an end to the massive killing and destruction of the lives, livelihood, and properties of the Palestinian people.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia calls on all those concerned with the peace process in the Middle East to further endeavor for the achievement of a just and comprehensive peace in the region, a peace susceptible of ensuring secure live and dignity for the Palestinian people.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reaffirms its resolve to continue its support for the struggle of the Palestinian people to obtain their freedom and legitimate national rights. It will pursue its relentless efforts to ensure the unity of the Palestinian front, in the battle for peace. The Kingdom will contribute to the reconstruction of every Palestinian house destroyed by the Israeli aggression.