Foreign Relations

March 28, 2015Minister of Defense meets with former Swedish defense minister, special Swedish envoy
March 28, 2015King Salman, US President Obama discussed regional issues in telephone call
March 28, 2015King Salman meets with Egyptian and Yemeni presidents
March 28, 2015Saudi navy evacuates embassy staff from Yemen
March 28, 2015King Salman: Yemen military campaign to continue until goals are achieved
March 28, 2015King Salman held telephone consultations with world leaders
March 28, 2015King Salman returns to Riyadh with president of Yemen
March 27, 2015Ambassador Al-Jubeir: Other Countries Desire to Participate in Operation Decisive Storm‎
March 27, 2015King Salman receives letters from Sweden's king and prime minister
March 26, 2015Yemeni President arrives in Riyadh
March 25, 2015Saudi Arabia launches military operations in support of legitimate Yemeni government
March 23, 2015Prince Saud meets UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond
March 23, 2015Prince Saud: Iran should not get an undeserved deal
March 23, 2015King Salman, Crown Prince Muqrin condole Iranian President on death of his mother
March 23, 2015King Salman hold meeting with British Foreign Secretary Hammond
March 23, 2015Crown Prince receives British Foreign Secretary Hammond
March 23, 2015Pakistani forces arrive to Taif to participate in exercise "Samsam 5"
March 22, 2015King Salman receives telephone call from Iraqi prime minister
March 22, 2015Saudi health centers provide medical assistance to over 2,600 patients a week in Zaatari camp
March 20, 2015Saudi Arabia condemns Aden and Sana’a terror attacks, offers to treat victims in Kingdom
March 17, 2015Kingdom calls for bringing Syrian war criminals to international justice
March 16, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (03/16/2015)
March 16, 2015Kingdom demands end to government discrimination against Rohingya
March 15, 2015King Holds meeting with Afghan President
March 11, 2015Kingdom recalls ambassador to Stockholm
March 10, 2015King Salman calls for economic strength and stability in major policy address
March 9, 2015Kingdom rejects international criticism over Raef Badawi case
March 9, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (03/09/2015)
March 5, 2015Prince Saud meets with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry
March 2, 2015King Salman holds talks with Turkish President
February 23, 2015Saudi Arabia to participate in session of Human Rights Council in Geneva
February 18, 2015King of Malaysia arrives in Madinah
February 13, 2015Saudi Arabia evacuates embassy staff from Yemen due to the deteriorating security
February 7, 2015GCC condemns Houth coup in Yemen
January 30, 2015Saudi Arabia and East Timor establish diplomatic relations
January 27, 2015King Salman receives US President Obama in Riyadh
January 27, 2015US President concludes official visit to Saudi Arabia
January 21, 2015GCC condemns Houthi coup in Yemen, express support for legitimate government and Yemeni ‎people
January 21, 2015Kingdom to attend anti-Daash meeting in London
January 21, 2015Kingdom condemns continued publication of offensive cartoons
January 16, 2015Senior Saudi religious scholars condemn continued publication of offensive cartoons
January 15, 2015Saudi Arabia and Panama establish diplomatic relations
January 14, 2015IDB, Burkina Faso signs three loan agreements
January 14, 2015Governor of Iraqi's Kurdistan thanks King Abdullah for reopening Erbid consulate
January 14, 2015Morocco, Islamic Bank for Development sign MoU
January 14, 2015Saudi Arabia, Egypt sign air services MoU
January 14, 2015Saudi Arabia, Jordan sign memorandum to develop systems of labor
January 11, 2015Saudi Arabia to participate in international march against terrorism in France
January 11, 2015Venezuela's President departs Kingdom
January 9, 2015Iraqi House of Representative receives Saudi delegation in Baghdad
January 9, 2015Saudi embassy in Guinea closed due to Ebola virus
January 8, 2015Crown Prince receives phone call from Iraq's President
January 7, 2015GCC Secretary General condemns terrorist attack at police academy in Yemen
January 6, 2015Ban lifted on import of hatching eggs, chicks from Belgium
January 6, 2015Kingdom lifts ban on cattle, sheep from Georgia
January 3, 2015Saudi team heading to Baghdad to arrange re-opening of Embassy and consulate in Erbil
December 18, 2014King Abdullah strongly condemns terrorist attack in Pakistan, condoles victims
December 15, 2014Crown Prince Salman holds talks with Macedonia's Prime Minister
December 15, 2014Crown Prince Chairs Cabinet's Session(12/15/2014)
December 15, 2014Deputy Crown Prince receives Leader of Lebanese Forces Party
December 12, 2014Minister of Interior meets with President Obama
December 10, 2014Minister of Interior meets with Secretary of State Kerry
December 10, 2014‎Saudi-US joint Yemen consultative group holds meeting in Washington
December 9, 2014Crown Prince Salman arrives in Qatar for GCC summit
December 9, 2014King Abdullah to host 36th GCC Summit in Riyadh
December 3, 2014Prince Saud calls for strengthening of moderate forces against ISIS
December 2, 2014King Abdullah receives Kyrgyzstan's President
December 1, 2014Minister of Foreign Affairs receives Qatari Minister
December 1, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (12/1/2014)
November 24, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (11/24/2014)
November 23, 2014Saudi French military drill starts in Tabuk
November 21, 2014Prince Saud meet with Russian Foreign Minister in Moscow
November 19, 2014Minister of National Guard arrives in Washington on an official visit
November 17, 2014Prince Miteb bin Abdullah to arrive in US for meeting
November 17, 2014Kingdom, UAE, Bahrain to return Ambassadors to Doha
November 13, 2014Iraqi President leaves Jeddah
November 13, 2014Prince Saud meets with Libyan Prime Minister
November 13, 2014Prince Saud: Kingdom to will soon reopen embassy in Baghdad
November 12, 2014Foreign minister and chief of intelligence meet with Iraqi President
November 12, 2014King hosts dinner in honor of Iraqi President
November 11, 2014King Abdullah hold meeting with Iraqi President
November 10, 2014Crown Prince Salman to lead Kingdom’s delegation to G-20 Summit
November 10, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (11/10/2014)
November 3, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (11/3/2014)
October 29, 2014Ambassador Al-Jubeir reiterates significance of Saudi-U.S. relations
October 28, 2014Kingdom renews call to protect Syrian refugees
October 27, 2014Kingdom to attend OIC's First Investment Forum in Tajikistan
October 26, 2014Saudi Arabia, Cuba discuss enhanced health ties
October 24, 2014Afghanistan's Wolesi Jirga president to arrive in Riyadh tomorrow
October 24, 2014Saudi army concludes Shamrakh-1 drill in French Alps
October 17, 2014Fighting terrorism requires international cooperation
October 13, 2014Crown Prince receives German Foreign Minister
October 13, 2014Prince Saud: Iran is part of the problem, not the solution
September 24, 2014Kingdom expresses continued and firm support for Yemen as it faces major challenges
September 23, 2014Foreign Minister chairs coordination meeting of ACD foreign ministers
September 22, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (9/22/2014)
September 12, 2014King Abdullah meets with U.S. Secretary of State
September 11, 2014Prince Saud Al-Faisal meets U.S. Secretary of State and Foreign Ministers of Turkey and Iraq
September 10, 2014King receives call from U.S. President
September 9, 2014Kingdom to host regional security meeting with US
September 4, 2014Crown Prince Salman return to Kingdom following official visit to France
September 2, 2014Commerce Minister chairs Saudi-French meeting
September 2, 201450 Saudi businessmen discuss investment opportunities in France during Crown Prince's visit
September 1, 2014Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz arrives in Paris on official visit
September 1, 2014Deputy Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (9/1/2014)‎
August 30, 2014King Abdullah warns of global terror threat, calls for coordinated counter-terrorism efforts
August 29, 2014Ambassador Al-Jubeir condemns attacks on UN peacekeepers Golan Heights
August 28, 2014High-level Saudi delegation concludes consultation tour of Gulf states
August 26, 2014Prince Saud receives Assistant Iranian Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs
August 18, 2014Saudi Embassy in Paris denies vehicle was robbed
August 18, 2014Deputy Crown Prince chairs Cabinet meeting (8/18/2014)
August 15, 2014King Abdullah receives King of Jordan
August 14, 2014GCC Foreign Ministers meet in Jeddah
August 12, 2014King congratulates Haider Al-Abadi on being appointed Prime Minister of Iraq
August 12, 2014Prince Saud leads OIC emergency meeting on Gaza crisis
August 11, 2014OIC Independent Permanent Commission on Human Rights condemns Israeli aggression on Gaza
August 5, 2014Qatari Emir receives Prince Miteb bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz
August 2, 2014King Abdullah receives Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi
July 27, 2014Saudi King urges Muslims to defeat terrorism in Eid address
July 25, 2014King of Bahrain receives Deputy Crown Prince
July 23, 2014King Abdullah holds meeting with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
July 23, 2014King Abdullah receives Emir of Qatar
July 23, 2014Kingdom deplores Israel’s “barbaric” assault on Gaza
July 22, 2014Crown Prince receives Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif
July 21, 2014King Abdullah receives Moroccan King Mohammed VI
July 21, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (7/21/14)
July 19, 2014Minister of Commerce and Industry attends G-20 meeting in Australia
July 19, 2014King Abdullah, Egyptian President review regional, international developments
July 16, 2014Crown Prince receives Bahraini Prime Minister
July 15, 2014Emergency Meeting of Arab Foreign Ministers held in Cairo
July 14, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (7/15/14)
July 9, 2014King Abdullah receives Yemeni President
July 8, 2014Crown Prince receives President of International Committee of the Red Cross
July 3, 2014King Abdullah congratulates U.S. President on Independence Day
July 2, 2014King Abdullah receives telephone call from U.S. President
June 27, 2014King Abdullah receives U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry
June 24, 2014Crown Prince receives Microsoft founder Bill Gates
June 23, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (6/23/14)
June 22, 2014Saudi Arabia to participate in international conference on migration
June 21, 2014Prince Saud receives Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
June 21, 2014King Abdullah arrives in Jeddah
June 20, 2014Deputy Crown Prince Receives Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov
June 19, 2014Saudi Foreign Minister Dismisses Accusations by Iraqi Prime Minister
June 18, 2014Deputy Crown Prince receives Iraqi Foreign Minister
June 17, 2014Vice Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques meets with US Treasury Secretary
June 17, 2014Prince Miteb meets with French Defense Minister
June 17, 2014Finance Minister Meets U.S. Treasury Secretary
June 16, 2014Saudi Arabia expresses concern over crisis in Iraq, blames sectarian politics for fueling crisis
June 16, 2014Kingdom to host OIC Foreign Ministers Council meeting
June 16, 2014Minister of National Guard to start official visit to France Tuesday
June 16, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (6/16/14)
June 9, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (6/9/14)
June 8, 2014Crown Prince Salman represents King at President Al-Sisi’s inauguration
June 8, 2014Vice Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques reaffirms commitment to Egypt
June 8, 2014Vice Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques holds private talks with Al-Sisi
June 2, 2014Crown Prince receives U.S. Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff
June 2, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (6/2/14)
June 2, 2014World Bank President thanks the Kingdom for its assistance
June 1, 2014Interior Minister receives U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security
May 28, 2014Vice Foreign Minister delivers speech at 17th Non-Aligned Movement Conference
May 26, 2014Crown Prince receives Chairman of U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee
May 26, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (5/26/14)
May 26, 2014King Abdullah receives King of Morocco in Casablanca
May 22, 2014Minister of Interior holds talks with Yemeni counterpart
May 20, 2014King Abdullah receives Lebanese Prime Minister
May 19, 2014Saudi Embassy suspends activities due to deteriorating security situation in Tripoli
May 18, 2014Crown Prince Salman welcomes King Juan Carlos of Spain
May 15, 2014Finance Minister meets with President of Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
May 15, 2014Crown Prince receives U.S. House of Representatives Committee delegation
May 14, 2014Crown Prince holds talks with U.S. Defense Secretary, GCC Defense Ministers
May 13, 2014Crown Prince discusses bilateral relations with U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel
May 12, 2014Crown Prince receives U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs
May 12, 2014Deputy Defense Minister receives U.S. CENTCOM Commander
May 11, 2014Al-Naimi meets with U.S. Secretary of Energy
May 10, 2014Acting Health Minister meets with U.S. CDC delegation
May 5, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (5/5/14)
April 29, 2014Saudi delegation attends Friends of Yemen meeting in London
April 24, 2014Saudi Arabia’s Archeological Masterpieces Exhibition opens in Kansas City
April 22, 2014Crown Prince receives President of Syrian National Coalition
April 21, 2014Dr. Al-Harthi meets with U.S. Envoy for Syria
April 21, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (4/21/14)
April 20, 2014International experts to assist in development of coronavirus vaccine
April 14, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (4/14/14)
April 13, 2014Ambassador holds reception for participants in MoFA Legal Training Program
April 9, 2014Prince Miteb receives Commander General of U.S. Army Central Command
April 5, 2014U.S.-Saudi “Friendship 3” and “Desert 3” drills begin in Tabuk
April 2, 2014GCC power grid headquarters dedicated in Dammam