June 27, 2016King Salman chairs Cabinet session (6/27/2016)
June 25, 2016Kingdom condemns Mogadishu hotel attack
June 22, 2016King Salman condoles Jordanian monarch on victims of terrorist at Al-Rukban refugee camp
June 17, 2016Foreign Minister: Saudi-U.S. relationship is “very solid”
June 13, 2016Saudi Arabia condemns Orlando attack
June 13, 2016King Salman chairs Cabinet session (6/13/2016)
June 8, 2016Saudi Arabia is a major terror target and it’s making great strides in cutting off ‎terror financing
June 8, 2016Kingdom condemns Istanbul terrorist bombing
June 7, 2016King Salman condoles Jordanian King on victims of terrorist attack in Baqa’a Camp
May 12, 2016Terrorism has no justification in any place
May 9, 2016King Salman chairs Cabinet Session (5/9/2016)
May 9, 2016Foreign Minister meets with Secretary Kerry
May 5, 2016Four terrorists killed during failed terror attack in Makkah Region
May 2, 2016King Salman chairs Cabinet session (5/2/2016)
May 1, 2016Identities of the two killed in a foiled terrorist attempt revealed
April 28, 2016Coalition successfully fighting Al-Qaeda in Yemen
April 25, 2016Saudi-led coalition retakes city from Al-Qaeda in Yemen
April 20, 2016Saudi Arabia, Islamic coalition is aggressively confronting regional and global terrorism
April 19, 2016Kingdom condemns terrorist attack in Afghan capital
April 18, 2016King Salman chairs Cabinet Session (04/18/2016)
April 14, 2016King Salman urges stronger Islamic unity to defeat terrorism
April 14, 2016King Salman chairs Kingdom’s delegation to 13th OIC Summit in Istanbul
April 10, 2016Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen to observes Ceasefire in Yemen
April 10, 2016Saudi Arabia responds to 60 Minutes report
April 8, 2016Al-Jubeir: Iran must adhere to principle of non-interference in internal affairs of region s countries
April 3, 2016King Salman holds talks with Indian Prime Minister
April 2, 2016Saudi Arabia donates $10 million to fight nuclear terrorism
April 2, 2016Saudi Arabia condemns massacre by Al-Assad's forces
March 31, 2016Saudi Arabia and United States impose sanctions on terrorist financing networks
March 28, 2016King Salman Chairs Cabinet session (03/28/2016)
March 28, 2016OIC Condemns terrorist attack in Lahore
March 28, 2016Kingdom, Yemeni militias exchange prisoners
March 27, 2016Islamic Military Alliance hold first meeting in Saudi Arabia
March 26, 2016Saudi Arabia condemns terrorist attack in Iraq
March 22, 2016Saudi Arabia condemns Brussels attacks
March 22, 2016Senior Islamic scholars condemns Belgium terrorist attacks
March 22, 2016OIC condemns terrorist attacks in Brussels
March 22, 2016GCC condemns Brussels bombings
March 21, 2016King Salman Chairs Cabinet session (03/21/2016)
March 14, 2016King Salman condemns Ankara terrorist attack
March 14, 2016King Salman Chairs Cabinet session (03/14/2016)
March 14, 2016220 Tons of Food and Medical Supplies arrive in Yemen
March 11, 2016North Thunder Military exercise concludes
March 11, 2016Killers of security officer killed in gun battle with security forces
March 11, 2016Arab League labels Hezbollah a terrorist group
March 8, 2016Kingdom condemns terrorist attack in Tunisia
March 7, 201620 counties take part in Islamic military exercises
March 7, 2016King Salman Chairs Cabinet session (03/7/2016)
March 4, 2016Crown Prince receives French National Order of the Legion from French President
March 4, 2016Foreign Minister holds meeting with his French counterpart
March 3, 2016Crown Prince Mohammad bin Naif arrives in Paris
March 2, 2016GCC declares Hezbollah a terrorist organization
March 1, 2016Saudi sheikh and embassy staff survive murder attempts in the Philippines
February 29, 2016King Salman chairs Cabinet session (02/29/2016)
February 27, 2016Kingdom condemns terrorist attacks in Somalia and Afghanistan
February 26, 2016Saudi fighter jets arrive in Turkey
February 25, 2016Kingdom imposes sanctions on individuals and entities linked to Hezbollah
February 24, 2016Kingdom condemns terrorist attack in Cameroon
February 22, 2016King Salman chairs Cabinet session (02/22/2016)
February 19, 2016Minister Al-Jubeir: Yemen was a war of necessity
February 18, 2016Kingdom condemns terrorist attack in Ankara
February 17, 2016Warning against participating in television fundraising
February 12, 2016Foreign Minister: Al-Assad will leave, no doubt
February 12, 2016Kingdom’s decision to send troops to Syria “irreversible”
February 11, 2016Saudi Deputy Crown Prince attends anti-Daesh (ISIS) coalition meeting
February 11, 2016Minister Al-Jubeir holds meeting with US, Turkish, and Qatari foreign ministers
February 11, 2016Deputy Crown Prince meets with French Defense Minister in Brussels
February 10, 2016Minister Al-Jubeir meets with US congressional leaders
February 9, 2016Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir concludes visit to Washington
February 9, 2016Saudi Arabia intercepts ballistic missile from Yemen
February 9, 2016Foreign Minister: the Kingdom is ready to send ground troops for combating terrorism in Syria
February 8, 2016Foreign minister holds meeting with Secretary Kerry in Washington
February 4, 2016Kingdom ready to send troops to fight Daesh in Syria
February 4, 2016Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir: Saudi Arabia is fighting terrorism
February 2, 2016Foreign Minister arrives in Rome to attend anti-ISIS international conference
February 1, 2016King Salman chairs Cabinet session (02/01/2016)
January 31, 2016Coalition announces formation of committee to investigate claims in Yemen
January 31, 2016Update on attack on Special Emergency Forces mosque in Asir
January 30, 2016Crown Prince Arrives in Ahsa Governorate
January 30, 2016Perpetrate of Al-Ridha Mosque identified
January 29, 2016Attack on Mosque in Al-Ahsa kills two, injures seven
January 23, 2016Iran remains world’s chief state sponsor of terrorism
January 21, 2016Foreign Minister: Attacks on diplomatic mission in Iran follows aggressive policies by Iran
January 20, 2016Saudi Arabia condemns terrorist attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan
January 19, 2016Foreign Minister Expresses Concern over Iranian Behavior
January 19, 2016Wanted terrorist arrested
January 19, 2016FACT SHEET: Iran's Record in Supporting Terrorism and Extremism
January 15, 2016King Salman calls Indonesian President
January 14, 2016Saudi Arabia Condemns terrorist attacks in Pakistan, Indonesia and Cameroon
January 14, 2016Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir meets with Kerry in London
January 12, 2016King Salman condoles Turkish President on victims of terrorist bombing in Istanbul
January 11, 2016King Salman chairs Cabinet session (01/11/2016)
January 10, 2016Arab League supports Saudi Arabia, condemns Iranian aggression in region
January 9, 2016GCC condemns Iranian interference in the region
January 7, 2016Saudi-led coalition in rejects Iranian claims its embassy in Yemen was hit
January 6, 2016Kingdom should be commended, not condemned for fighting terrorism
January 5, 2016Foreign Minister Receives UN Envoy to Syria
January 5, 2016Iran’s aggression against Saudi Arabia goes back over three decades
January 4, 2016Kingdom’s UN Mission condemns violence against Saudi diplomatic missions in Iran
January 3, 2016Foreign Minister announcement severing ties with Iran
January 2, 2016Forty-seven convicted terrorist executed
January 2, 2016Executed terrorist had fair trials
December 30, 2015Saudi Arabia intercepts ballistic missile from Yemen
December 30, 2015Bahraini F-16 crashes, pilot safe
December 22, 2015Saudi Air Defense Forces intercept missile launched from Yemen
December 21, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (12/21/2015)
December 17, 2015Supreme Magistracy Council calls Islamic military alliance a blessing
December 15, 2015Kingdom forms 34 nation Islamic military alliance against terrorism
December 10, 2015Foreign Minister Holds Press Conference after 36th session of the GCC Supreme Council
December 10, 2015GCC concludes 36th Session in Riyadh
December 10, 2015Gulf Cooperation Council Supreme Council Concludes its 36th Session in Riyadh
December 7, 2015Saudi Embassy in U.K. warns citizens against suspicious places
December 7, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (12/7/2015)
December 7, 2015Kingdom condemns San Bernardino terrorist attack
November 30, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (11/30/2015)
November 30, 2015Kingdom welcomes British air campaign against Daesh (ISIS)
November 26, 2015Kingdom designates Hezbollah individuals and entities as terrorists
November 25, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (11/23/2015)
November 22, 2015Saudi-Iraqi border officials hold third round of talks
November 20, 2015Kingdom condemns terrorist attack on hotel in Mali
November 16, 2015Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (11/16/2015)
November 15, 2015Colors of French flag on Kingdom Tower in Riyadh
November 14, 2015Saudi Arabia condemns Paris terrorist attack
November 14, 2015King Salman express condolences to French President
November 13, 2015Kingdom condemns terrorist bombing in Beirut
November 2, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (11/2/2015)
October 30, 2015Joint Statement of the Syria Talks in Vienna
October 28, 2015Foreign Minister attends Paris talk on Syria
October 26, 2015Suicide attack at mosque in Najran
October 21, 2015King Salman receives call from Russian president
October 19, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (10/19/2015)
October 16, 2015Terrorist kills five in Qatif Governorate
October 12, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (10/12/2015)
October 10, 2015Kingdom condemns terrorist bombing in Ankara
October 1, 2015Kingdom addresses 70th UN General Assembly
September 30, 2015Foreign Minister hold meetings sideline meetings during the UN General Assembly
September 29, 2015Saudi Arabia calls for support on uprooting the terrorism
September 28, 2015Terrorist cell dismantled
September 28, 2015Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir discusses Iran’s escalation of regional conflicts
September 14, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (09/14/2015)
September 4, 2015King Salman, President Obama hold meeting at White House
August 31, 2015Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (8/31/15)
August 26, 2015Scud missile intercepted over Jazan
August 24, 2015Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (8/24/15)
August 17, 2015Kingdom condemns attack on the United Arab Emirates embassy in Yemen
August 17, 2015Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (8/17/15)
August 10, 2015Vice Custodian Chairs Cabinet Session
August 10, 2015Saudi Foreign Minister expresses views on Iran
August 10, 2015Vice Custodian visits terror sit in Asir
August 8, 2015Asir mosque bombing perpetrator identified as Saudi national
August 8, 2015Minister Al-Jubeir, Italian counterpart hold joint press conference
August 6, 201513 worshipers killed in mosque bombing in Asir
August 3, 2015Vice Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Chairs Cabinet's Session
August 2, 2015Kingdom joins FATF as Observer Member
August 1, 2015Saudi Arabia condemns attack by Israeli settlers in Douma
July 27, 2015Foreign minister meets with EU counterpart
July 18, 2015Extensive terror operations thwarted, more than 430 suspects arrested
July 16, 2015Terrorist detonates car bomb in Riyadh, injuring two security officers
July 9, 2015Beneficiaries of Mohammad bin Naif Center to spend Eid holiday with their families
July 7, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (07/07/2015)
July 7, 2015Three suspects in the Kuwait mosque bombing arrested
July 4, 2015Wanted Yousef Al-Ghamdi killed
July 3, 2015Policeman killed during Taif arrest raid; three terror suspects arrested
July 3, 2015OIC condemns terrorist attack on peacekeepers in northern Mali
July 1, 2015OIC condemns terrorist attacks in Sinai