Recent News

April 15, 2014Gen. Al-Idreesi assigned to act as Chief of General Intelligence
April 14, 2014Three security men killed by unknown assailants on Saudi-Yemeni border
April 13, 2014Ambassador holds reception for participants in MoFA Legal Training Program
April 10, 2014Iraqi conjoined twins’ surgery starts at King Abdulaziz Medical City
April 9, 2014Prince Miteb receives Commander General of U.S. Army Central Command
April 8, 2014Ambassador offers allegiance-pledge to Deputy Crown Prince Muqrin
April 8, 2014Saudi Arabia donates $100 million to Arab Trade Financing Program
April 7, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (4/7/14)
April 7, 2014Saudi National Campaign for Syrians targets people of Zarqaa Province
April 7, 2014Arab Organization for Red Crescent and Cross headquarters dedicated in Riyadh
April 5, 2014U.S.-Saudi “Friendship 3” and “Desert 3” drills begin in Tabuk
April 4, 2014IPU: Saudi women participate in politics at a high rate
April 2, 2014GCC power grid headquarters dedicated in Dammam
March 31, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (3/31/14)
March 30, 201436th King Faisal International Prizes awarded
March 29, 2014U.S. President leaves Riyadh
March 28, 2014King Abdullah receives U.S. President Barak Obama
March 28, 2014Prince Saud Al-Faisal receives credentials of new U.S. ambassador
March 27, 2014Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz appointed Deputy Crown Prince
March 26, 2014Crown Prince Salman addresses 25th Arab Summit in Kuwait
March 25, 2014KACARE President addresses 3rd International Nuclear Security Summit
March 24, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (3/24/14)
March 24, 2014Suspects arrested in attack on German diplomatic car
March 24, 2014SFD funds dialysis center, long term care facility in Bahrain
March 24, 2014Saudi Campaign for Syria helps refugees in eastern Jordan
March 23, 2014Deputy Defense Minister inspects Apache helicopter, tours Boeing facility
March 23, 2014IIRO distributes aid to Congolese refugees in Uganda
March 22, 2014Deputy Defense Minister visits CIA headquarters
March 21, 2014Saudi Campaign completes distribution of winter supplies in northern Jordan
March 20, 2014Deputy Defense Minister meets senior U.S. officials in Washington
March 20, 2014Saudi Deputy Minister of Defense meets with U.S. Secretary of Defense
March 19, 2014Saudi Deputy Defense Minister Arrives in Washington
March 19, 2014Ambassador Al-Jubeir hosts reception for Prince Salman bin Sultan
March 18, 2014Crown Prince Salman receives Gambia’s President
March 18, 2014Kingdom donates $1 million to the International Organization for Migration
March 18, 2014IIRO medical camp performs 500 cataract surgeries in Nigeria
March 17, 2014Kingdom donates sacrificial meat to Yemen, the Comoros
March 17, 2014Prince Muqrin receives visiting Tunisian Prime Minister
March 17, 2014National Guard Ministry’s Undersecretary for Eastern Sector receives U.S. Consul
March 17, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (3/17/14)
March 16, 2014IIRO aid benefits 3,603,788 Syrian refugees
March 16, 2014Solidarity Campaign for Syria collects SR 75 million in cash, SR 20 million in goods
March 15, 2014Saudi Ambassador delivers relief aid to Niger’s government
March 14, 2014Crown Prince Salman meets with Chinese leaders in Beijing
March 12, 2014Interior Minister calls for Arab counterterrorism cooperation in Marrakech
March 11, 2014Second Deputy Prime Minister receives U.S. Commerce Secretary
March 10, 2014IIRO hands out 3,500 food rations to Syrians in northern Lebanon
March 10, 2014Second Deputy Prime Minister chairs Cabinet session (3/10/14)
March 9, 2014Foreign Minister delivers speech to Arab League Council
March 9, 2014Kingdom gives India’s Hamdard University $5 million in aid
March 8, 2014Dr. Maha Abdulla Al-Muneef honored by U.S. First Lady
March 7, 2014Fitch raises Kingdom’s sovereign rating to AA with a stable outlook
March 7, 2014Ministry of Interior calls for return of fighters, releases list of extremist groups
March 5, 2014Saudi Arabia donates $1 million to UN Human Rights Commission
March 4, 2014200 tons of Saudi dates presented to Jordanian officials
March 4, 2014GCC Foreign Ministers issue statement in Riyadh
March 3, 2014SR 65 million donated to Solidarity Campaign for Syrian Children
March 3, 2014Second Deputy Prime Minister chairs Cabinet session (3/3/14)
February 28, 2014Islamic Consultative Team adopts urgent working plan to eradicate polio
February 27, 2014Crown Prince meets with Indian Prime Minister
February 26, 2014Governor of Eastern Province receives Commander of U.S. Fifth Fleet
February 25, 2014“Day of Solidarity with the Children of Syria” begins in the Kingdom
February 24, 2014Second Deputy Prime Minister chairs Cabinet session (2/24/14)
February 24, 2014Foreign Minister receives U.S. State Department official
February 24, 2014Yemeni conjoined twins arrive at King Fahd Medical City
February 22, 2014Interior Minister conveys condolences to families of two security men
February 21, 2014Finance Minister arrives in Australia for G-20 meeting
February 20, 2014Saudi Campaign distributes winter clothes to Syrian families in Jordan
February 20, 20144 killed when security forces exchange fire with fugitives in Qatif
February 19, 2014Crown Prince arrives in Tokyo
February 19, 2014Joint U.S.-Saudi Green Flag Exercises begin in Nevada
February 17, 2014Prince Muqrin chairs Cabinet session
February 13, 2014Ambassador Al-Jubeir hosts reception for Prince Mohammad bin Naif
February 13, 2014Embassy hosted farewell reception for UNRWA Commissioner-General Grandi
February 12, 2014Saudi Minister of Interior meets with U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Burns
February 12, 2014Crown Prince opens 29th Janadriyah National Heritage and Culture Festival
February 11, 2014Saudi Minister of Interior meets with U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security
February 11, 2014Saudi Minister of Interior meets with U.S. Secretary of State
February 10, 2014Minister of Interior Meets with Director of the National Security Agency
February 10, 2014Saudi Minister of Interior Meets with Treasury Secretary Lew
February 10, 2014Prince Mohammed bin Naif arrives in Washington
February 10, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session
February 7, 2014Saudi Ambassador gifts sacrificial sheep meat to Sudan
February 6, 2014Saudi Campaign distributes winter clothes to Syrians in Sidon
February 5, 2014Egyptian Prime Minister thanks the Kingdom’s government, people
February 5, 2014Crown Prince bestows medal on Pakistani Army Chief
February 5, 2014Saudia, Boeing sign joint memorandum of cooperation
February 3, 2014U.S., Saudi energy officials meet in Riyadh
February 3, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (2/3/14)
February 3, 2014Participants in foreign hostilities to receive prison sentences
February 3, 2014Royal Guard Command transformed into Presidency of the Royal Guard
February 2, 2014Saudi aid continues to arrive at Syrian refugee camps in Jordan
February 2, 2014IIRO organizes medical campaign in Yemen
February 1, 2014Saudi Campaign distributes winter supplies in Lebanon
January 28, 2014Deputy Defense Minister receives CENTCOM official
January 27, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (1/27/14)
January 26, 2014Saudi Arabia provides Yemen with 15 tons of desert locust pesticides
January 26, 2014Saudi Minister of Finance highlights cooperation with Mauritania
January 24, 2014Saudi Arabia condemns cowardly terrorist bombings in Egypt
January 22, 2014Foreign Minister reiterates solution for decisive and peaceful action in Syria
January 21, 2014U.S. delegation visits KFMC, Majlis Al-Shura
January 21, 2014Ban Ki-Moon thanks King Abdullah for support of UN counterterrorism efforts
January 20, 201411th relief convoy sent to Syrian refugees
January 20, 2014Saudi Ambassador opens medical clinics, drinking water projects in Sudan
January 20, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (1/20/14)
January 19, 2014U.S. Energy Secretary visits King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technology
January 16, 2014Crown Prince receives visiting Libyan Prime Minister
January 15, 2014Kingdom increases aid to Syrian people
January 15, 2014Deputy Defense Minister receives Director of U.S. Missile Defense Agency
January 14, 2014Saudi Campaign distributes clothing, blankets to Syrian refugees in Lebanon
January 14, 2014Winners of 36th King Faisal International Prize announced
January 13, 2014IIRO aids victims of earthquakes in Baluchistan
January 13, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (1/13/14)
January 13, 2014Eastern Province Police: German diplomatic vehicle fired upon
January 12, 2014Saudi Foreign Minister attends Friends of Syria meeting in Paris
January 9, 2014IIRO establishes orphan centers in Asian, African countries
January 7, 2014$2.1 billion allocated for nine electric projects in Tabuk
January 7, 2014Prince Saud meets with Pakistani leaders in Islamabad
January 6, 2014Saudi illiteracy rate drops sharply
January 6, 2014Prince Saud confirms strength of U.S.-Saudi relationship
January 6, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (1/6/14)
January 5, 2014King Abdullah meets with U.S. Secretary of State
January 5, 2014Crown Prince holds meeting with CENTCOM commander
January 5, 2014Saudi Arabia provides $40 million for Palestinian Authority budget
January 5, 2014SAA plane experiences wheel system failure during landing
January 4, 2014IIRO team carries out eye surgeries for 1,000 patients in Nigeria
January 2, 2014Yemeni President lays foundation stone for King Abdullah Medical City
January 1, 2014Saudi-organized disaster combat training course held in Sudan